Please read this first.
This application is based on the Orphanet database of Rare Diseases.
Please read Orphanet's disclaimer , which says, among other things:
Not all rare diseases are currently indexed with their clinical signs as the indexing process is ongoing. This service is currently available for over 2,000 rare diseases only. As Orphanet does not include information on common diseases, this service cannot be used as a support to differential diagnosis with common diseases which should always be considered first. Establishing a diagnosis remains the full responsibility of the clinician using this information service.
We aim to provide effective access to rare disease information to healthcare professionals, patients, and their relatives, in order to contribute improving the diagnosis, care and treatment of these diseases. This information service is not intended to replace professional health care.

In addition:
Orphanet requires us to state that Orphanet data is copyright INSERM, and that Orphanet is providing a retrieval service on their own website.

Dynamic taxonomy indices were not updated after April 25th, 2008. Consequently, additions or changes to the Orphanet database performed after that date are not reflected in the indices.
Please note that users are redirected to the Orphanet site in order to read disease information pages. These pages are therefore up-to-date and show all appropriate copyrights.

This application is intended as a demonstration of the dynamic taxonomy approach to guided diagnosis, and users use it at their own risk.
The University of Torino, the Department of Informatics at the University of Torino and the authors explicitly decline any responsibility deriving from the use of this service.


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